Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coming Soon...

As you can see, Elynor is diligently prepping for her upcoming starring role as BIG SIS!
Her debut as this leading lady will take place the first week of February, 2010.

Her costars, Mommy & Daddy, haven't given this role quite as much prep time as they did for their last big screen appearances in Sept. 2007... too much mental and physical energy is devoted to helping Elynor prep. Mommy couldn't avoid the regular nausea and exhaustion for many weeks earlier this summer, giving Elynor plenty of opportunity to practice being gentle and quiet. But now at 17 weeks she's pretty much back to normal (minus the growing belly, that is).

The directors of this guaranteed blockbuster anticipate learning the sex of Elynor's costar sibling on Sept. 14. Stay tuned!

Peek - A - Boo

Captured during a rainy day finger paint session...

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Just a few of our little firecracker's many faces...


Every Tuesday morning we host a Mom's Group at our house. As the title suggests, it's a time for mama's to come together and share with/support one another. The time and the women have been one of my greatest gifts since having Elynor. Whether answering specific questions or just encouraging one another, it's almost always just what I need.

While the moms and babies gather upstairs, the toddlers + gather in our basement under the supervision of the amazing Miss Heather and Miss Danielle. As you can see from these pics, the kiddos really enjoy their time too!

As you can also see from these pics, at least one vision for our home has come to fruition... hosting and providing a fun, safe, place for groups to gather. Love it!

Snacktime... I think the only time anyone sits still.