Thursday, February 19, 2009

Application Criteria

Dontcha hate it when you come across something funny but have no one to share it with?

In the course of writing something for work today, I came across the following scholarship criteria. Hopefully you, too, will get a kick out of this... and will share a virtual laugh with me.
To be eligible for a certain scholarship (sorry, probably shouldn't disclose the name), a candidate must show evidence of outstanding achievement in the following four criteria:
1. Leadership (makes sense)
2. Scholarship (yea, yea... they all say that, right?)
3. Moral Force of Character (hmmm... an odd way of stating it... but I think I get it... a good citizen)
4. Physical Vigor (uhhh... WUUUHHHHTTT??)
They go on to explain:
Physical Vigor: The threshold for this criterion is whether a commitment to one or more physical activities has been an integral part of the candidate's life. This is usually, though not necessarily, demonstrated through participation in athletic activities such as sports or dance. Activities that qualify for this criterion can range from football, dance, soccer, and cheerleading to cycling, skiing, backpacking, and sailing. Marching band, though often physically vigorous, does not in and of itself meet this criterion.

Proper allowances should be made for students with physical limitations. (If you have questions regarding this issue, please contact us.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Forties in Feb!

Sunday morning we took a trip to Millennium Park for the Frozen Fun Fest (gotta love now living on the frequent & fast blue line). It was a blast... especially because it was in the "frigid" forties! The amazing ice sculptures were melting along with all the snow. Of course, we weren't too sad. As you can see, we enjoyed the photo ops and Elynor loved the ice-free room to run.

Who can pass up a bean photo op?

A picnic in February!

Warming up at the Macy's "amusement park".

I apologize for the poor cinematography. It was so sunny I couldn't see what I was filming!

A New Obsession

In recent weeks Elynor has taken a special liking to Sesame Street (ok, truth be told, she was starting to show an obsession for Barney and we've done our best to transfer this love to the much less annoying SS). Watching SS has become a special shared experience between E and her daddy. Often they've taken in a show before I get up on Sunday mornings and then sneak in a few SS songs on YouTube throughout the day. Almost as soon as Rye walked in the door this evening E begged for Elmo (we think that's what she's saying anyway) while pointing to the ottoman where Rye's computer is stored. Her desire was clear when Rye retrieved the computer.

Talking to Grandma Sue

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tea Party

Lately Elynor loves to play in her fort (a chair minus the cushions) with all of her friends. Typically this means piling every possible toy in the fort with her and begging Mommy or Daddy to pile in too. On this particular afternoon she opted for the more civilized tea party. It looks like her guests were enjoying themselves.

Fresh Air

It was in the 30's and sunny yesterday... so we did what any snowbound Chicagoan would do - went outside! Elynor loves the outdoors and is affected very little by the cold, as evidenced by these photos and the absence of mittens. After a walk around the block and a few trips around her "track" in the sled, she decided the weather just right for an outdoor story and drawing time.