Monday, February 9, 2009

Forties in Feb!

Sunday morning we took a trip to Millennium Park for the Frozen Fun Fest (gotta love now living on the frequent & fast blue line). It was a blast... especially because it was in the "frigid" forties! The amazing ice sculptures were melting along with all the snow. Of course, we weren't too sad. As you can see, we enjoyed the photo ops and Elynor loved the ice-free room to run.

Who can pass up a bean photo op?

A picnic in February!

Warming up at the Macy's "amusement park".

I apologize for the poor cinematography. It was so sunny I couldn't see what I was filming!

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Sunshine Eyes said...

Love it! Particularly the video of her running, she leans into her run like she's wanting to get her head there first! And then her little legs run, run, run to catch up! :) Too cute...