Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Obsession

In recent weeks Elynor has taken a special liking to Sesame Street (ok, truth be told, she was starting to show an obsession for Barney and we've done our best to transfer this love to the much less annoying SS). Watching SS has become a special shared experience between E and her daddy. Often they've taken in a show before I get up on Sunday mornings and then sneak in a few SS songs on YouTube throughout the day. Almost as soon as Rye walked in the door this evening E begged for Elmo (we think that's what she's saying anyway) while pointing to the ottoman where Rye's computer is stored. Her desire was clear when Rye retrieved the computer.

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Westy said...

To be fair, what she really likes is the intro song (and Elmo). She never really makes it more than about five minutes past the beginning (unless Elmo's onscreen).