Friday, July 24, 2009

A Fun, Productive Weekend

What a fun weekend we had with visits from Grandma V & Grandpa Kev and Aunt Tracy!

We balanced plenty of work (mostly in the yard, gotta take some pics) and play with Grandma V & Grandpa Kev Friday - Sunday... even a birthday celebration for Grandma V! Then Aunt Tracy joined us Monday eve - watching E so we could take in a concert at Ravinia (thanks Tracy - sorry, I didn't get any pics).

E now has her own park! Thanks for sharing Gma & Gpa.

Wheelbarrow rides keep a little 'helpers' hands out of mischief (but watch out - it gets heavy!).

Even with her own park, trips to the big one are still a daily requirement.

A birthday celebration peach cobbler (made by the birthday girl - whoops).


I recently did a project for a coffee company (none of the ones pictured) and came home with several boxes of reference product. Elynor stumbled upon these boxes yesterday and thought she'd hit the jackpot of new toys. In a matter of seconds the small containers were strewn about the kitchen and she was sorting, stacking, and rolling. Funny, none of the women in our research told us about this awesome way to use the coffee containers!? And to think, they each can still be used to brew a cup.

Elynor Hijacks the Camera!

A future abstract artist?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Green Thumb

This captures E's obsession with 'outside', helping outside, and her daddy perfectly. Also, it was her 1st day w/ pigtails. Love it!