Friday, June 26, 2009

Slowest Computer Ever?

So, I set out to do several posts this afternoon (lots of fun pics of our summer adventures await, I promise) - but before these posts I needed to do a little work... and therein lied the problem. I think my computer could compete for the prize of slowest computer ever. Really, I cannot have more than 2 programs open (basic ones like email and a browser) without it spinning & spinning to complete basic tasks. And if you add to that something like the calendar (an essential, really, for managing my work and home life), it's over. I think I shutdown and restarted the calendar no less than 8 times within 30 minutes... with no success, I finally gave up. Sorry if I miss an appointment or double book something. Ahhhh! All this is to say no posts are coming today. I've spent my 'off' afternoon much like I spend my work afternoons - with technology inefficiency that seriously cuts into my productivity. The result is a growing list of 'to-dos' that never get done (ala blog posts). And an increasingly exhausted Sarah trying, trying, trying, to not get too frustrated.

The good news is I'm SUPPOSED to get a new computer next week (though I've been told this for a few weeks now)... I do believe it's coming. I'm also SUPPOSED to be getting an iPhone next week. Whoohoo. So watch out for a flurry of blog posts comin' right up.