Friday, June 26, 2009

Slowest Computer Ever?

So, I set out to do several posts this afternoon (lots of fun pics of our summer adventures await, I promise) - but before these posts I needed to do a little work... and therein lied the problem. I think my computer could compete for the prize of slowest computer ever. Really, I cannot have more than 2 programs open (basic ones like email and a browser) without it spinning & spinning to complete basic tasks. And if you add to that something like the calendar (an essential, really, for managing my work and home life), it's over. I think I shutdown and restarted the calendar no less than 8 times within 30 minutes... with no success, I finally gave up. Sorry if I miss an appointment or double book something. Ahhhh! All this is to say no posts are coming today. I've spent my 'off' afternoon much like I spend my work afternoons - with technology inefficiency that seriously cuts into my productivity. The result is a growing list of 'to-dos' that never get done (ala blog posts). And an increasingly exhausted Sarah trying, trying, trying, to not get too frustrated.

The good news is I'm SUPPOSED to get a new computer next week (though I've been told this for a few weeks now)... I do believe it's coming. I'm also SUPPOSED to be getting an iPhone next week. Whoohoo. So watch out for a flurry of blog posts comin' right up.


Kristian A. Alomá said...

It's coming I swear! At least I hope it's coming - I've also been let down by these machines several times. :(

E. Siira said...

It was good to see you last week! We hardly ever get company, so it was really too bad that we had dinner guests the evening you were here. How was the rest of your trip, golf and all?

Anonymous said...


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