Friday, July 24, 2009

A Fun, Productive Weekend

What a fun weekend we had with visits from Grandma V & Grandpa Kev and Aunt Tracy!

We balanced plenty of work (mostly in the yard, gotta take some pics) and play with Grandma V & Grandpa Kev Friday - Sunday... even a birthday celebration for Grandma V! Then Aunt Tracy joined us Monday eve - watching E so we could take in a concert at Ravinia (thanks Tracy - sorry, I didn't get any pics).

E now has her own park! Thanks for sharing Gma & Gpa.

Wheelbarrow rides keep a little 'helpers' hands out of mischief (but watch out - it gets heavy!).

Even with her own park, trips to the big one are still a daily requirement.

A birthday celebration peach cobbler (made by the birthday girl - whoops).

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