Monday, February 2, 2009

Fresh Air

It was in the 30's and sunny yesterday... so we did what any snowbound Chicagoan would do - went outside! Elynor loves the outdoors and is affected very little by the cold, as evidenced by these photos and the absence of mittens. After a walk around the block and a few trips around her "track" in the sled, she decided the weather just right for an outdoor story and drawing time.


Tracy said...

Just like her Daddy enjoying the cold....must have the MN blood :)

Christan said...

Too cute! She looks like she is a tall little girl. Maybe also from her daddy?!?

Leslie C. said...

Tracy's comment made me laugh. I am suprised Ryan even had a coat on, let alone a hat.
*Love* the track you got going on in the yard. It is the only track I have been on in years.

april fool said...

where did the belly shot go?!

and i too was impressed rye had a jacket on.