Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 Achievement List

At the start of each calendar year every Brandtrust employee has historically written an achievement letter. This is our version of goals or a growth plan. But it's written from the POV of one year later (the end of the year we're starting), looking back at what we've accomplished, or achieved.

I like and have seen the positive results of this future thinking psychology. More times than not, the very act of stating things as if they actually happened plants strong, even if subconcious, motivations for actually doing them. Usually great thought and soul searching are poured into these letters (or this year, lists), but then they're filed away, rarely looked at throughout the year. Yet, when we pull them out at the end, most people have, in fact, achieved what they said they would. What I also love about this exercise is that the company encourages us to consider both professional and personal achievements - recognizing that it's difficult, if not counterproductive, to separate the two lives, and that, where possible, the organization aims to support both personal and professional desired achievements.

Here's a taste of my achievement list for this year. Will you join me in looking back at what you've achieved in 2009 with this simple yet useful tool? Let me know and maybe we can help each other get there!

1. I took a Yoga class 1x/week, swam 1x/week in summer and ran a few 5Ks
2. I stepped up the diabetes management, conducting fasting tests every other week and reducing A1C to 6.0
3. I upped my cooking repertoire, trying out a new recipe every other week
4. Elynor & I maintained playdate Fridays and participated in swimming, tumbling & music classes.
5. We finished decorating/organizing & started outdoor landscaping in the "new" home
6. We celebrated 30th b'days (yikes!) and new home (finally) with summer soiree!
7. I helped with the successful launch of Ethos, our new church, with emphasis on defining & living the mission/vision and developing the visual identity
8. I reimmersed myself in business and/or current, adult thinking by reading a business publication (TBD) weekly and a non-fiction book each month.

Watch out, you'll probably hear about all these things this year!


The Inspired Nester said...

you go, sar! can't wait to read all about it :)

IndianaMomma said...

I did it too! I love the idea.