Thursday, January 1, 2009

Before & After

These pics are long overdue. You see, every time I've gone to take new house pics over the past few months it's been a mess. And a sink of dirty dishes or floor covered with toys were not the intended subjects. Things were finally presentable a few days back, so here are a few before & after shots. The complete album is here. By no means are we finished... but, thanks to lots & lots of helpers, tremendous progress has been made!


IndianaMomma said...

LOVE the remodel and the Christmas pics. I feel like I am living your life a year behind... we just put an offer on an EXTREME fixer upper. I'm talkin' COVERED in waverly wallpaper from the early nineties! Any advice on staying sane?

Sheila said...

Thank you for the tour! I loved seeing your photos. You've done an amazing amount of work, and I hope you are really enjoying your new home.

Thanks for the Christmas card, too. I am hoping to send Valentines out next month. We have had a very busy winter break from school/work. Other than missing Shane (overseas w/Army), we are doing well!