Sunday, December 14, 2008

An Urban Christmas Tree

I wish I could come close to recreating the scene at our house on Saturday morning, as I haven't laughed so hard in quite some time!

Here's the back story: We decided we'd like to get rid of the blue spruce in our front yard but that it was too big to be our Christmas tree. We were prepared to just cut it down in the spring, but, in the spirit of sharing (and reusing), thought we'd post it on Craigslist. Afterall, it would be a beautiful Christmas tree in a mansion.

Sure enough, Rye received great interest from one family in particular. Not only did they think the tree was nice, but the dad was very excited because he and his son could save a trip to Michigan, where they'd planned to venture in search of a tree.

Here's their urban tree adventure, captured in pics from my interior vantage point (between my rolling laughter) -
Oh, dad, I think this is the one! Mom, please snap my picture in front of the tree (not the pink flamingos). NOTE: Mom is really snapping pic.

After much sawing effort from Dad, son, and that nice man from the tree farm (Rye), down comes the tree. Mom is snapping pictures.

And thanks to Dad and that tree farm guy, over the hedges it goes. Mom is wondering what she's gotten into.

Our car's just the right size... now we just have to make sure the tree's very secure. Mom is airing the tires.

All the people passing through the neighborhood stop to make sure it's secure, too (and maybe laugh). Mom is hiding in passenger seat.

And off we go...

The tree farm guy cleans up.


Roxanne said...

that is hilarious!!! Gotta love freecycle & Craig's list!! the dress in the last post is too adorable and YOU look great!!!

Sunshine Eyes said...

AWESOME! You guys are fantastic to post your *tree* on Craig's List. I bet that story will live forever in that family's yearly "do you remember when...?" moments!! :)

Christan said...

I hope they didn't take home too many critters with them. :) Way too funny!

The Inspired Nester said...

hahahah! miss you guys :)

Liz Mouse said...

I love, and I'm serious, you need to submit this story to the Tribune!!