Thursday, January 15, 2009

Family "Reunion"

We love it when Grandma Jean (GG) comes to visit from Florida because it gives us a great excuse to gather as many Cochrane's (my dad's side) as possible! This holiday season was no exception. We had a blast celebrating a new year in our new home with a fun, impromptu "reunion".

Enjoy these highlights, photog compliments going to Uncle Danny and Rye -

GG always knows a fun toy when she sees it. This mini bead thingy was no exception!

The Cochrane girls
(notice how our Floridian Grandma can't have enough layers while Miss Elynor has stripped down to nearly nothing).

Cheers to our first official dinner party in the new abode!

LIVE music? What a party!
Elynor rocks out to Uncle Danny's tunes.

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