Tuesday, May 1, 2007

So I'm becoming a Blogger...

As some of you may know, I'm an "approved" poster on my husband Ryan's blog... but I haven't once posted. You see, the few topics I proposed for posting were nicely rejected by the editorial director as a little too 'fluffy' or not quite what the blog's readers were looking for. I'm not good with rejection, so my participation in this blogosphere has been limited to reading his and other blogs over the past few years.

Well why didn't you just start your own blog, you ask? Afterall, that's the beauty of this blogging world. ANYONE can have an outlet.

I think the answer is I've never really felt the calling. I enjoy reading blogs and appreciate how they inform me and help me stay connected to friends/family. But I didn't know if I really had anything to contribute. I didn't feel I read or surf the net enough to have intriguing inspiration. I also didn't know if I'd have the time to keep my blog active. Honestly, I would have preferred to spend my time at the gym, baking, shopping, hanging out with friends, or just lounging on the couch over managing my blog.

So then why now, you ask?

Well... my life is in major transition. I'll soon enter into the world of motherhood and I guess I think this will provide me with enough inspiration to fill a blog. I know I still won't have much time, but I now think time invested in blogging will be well invested. I anticipate this blog being an outlet for me... a way to feel connected even during a time when life will likely feel chaotic. I also anticipate this blog becoming a family record book. I've never been good at journaling (years usually pass between entries...), but I'm hopeful the fact that others are participating in this journey with me - live - will encourage me to be a little more consistent this time around.

So here goes... I'm officially throwing my hat into the blogging world. I welcome you to join me and even encourage me on the journey.

But please don't call me a Blogger. I'm not ready for that!

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Westy said...

Welcome to the blogging world my love!