Monday, October 4, 2010

R & S take DC

A dear friend's wedding (it was lovely Paul & Audrey) gave Rye & I a great excuse to escape to our nation's capital for a kiddo- free weekend. Grandma Sue arrived in Chicago Thursday eve, allowing our adventure to take flight on Friday (thank you!!!).

We touched down Friday eve and filled the next 2 days with the gorgeous wedding, exploring DC's many neighborhoods, sleeping in (on a heavenly bed... Ahhhh...), and playing tourist by bike (HIGHLY recco this!). Spending a little time with Jen, Wes & Hadley, and Tracy were icing on our cake. Ahhh... I wonder how long it will take to feel tired and running on empty again?! For now, I'll enjoy my relaxing flight home.

We did not take our camera, which was kind of nice actually (allowed me to enjoy the exploration without thinking of good shots). So here are a few iphone shots, taken simply to document our adventures (and not win any photog awards).

Not used to hold-outs on the iPhone!

Shortly before the rain...

Bringing greetings from Chicago to the Obamas (E asked us if we were staying at the prez's house).

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