Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's difficult to keep up with the fun sisters photos we're capturing of late. And even more difficult to capture the sweet moments with the camera.

It's no secret that my kiddo's first 3-6 months are not my favorite as a Mama. They just feel like so much work for so little return (okay, I'm selfish...). But once the kiddos start movin' & shakin' and sharing their emergent personalities the light really comes on for me. And I'm finding this time around it's even more exciting to experience the bond emerging between the girls. Elynor has always been tops on Annikah's list, but this love has gone through the roof in the last month or so as they learn to play together and even communicate with one another. Most days they can be found "chasing" one another around the house, "playing with" each other on the back porch, and "sharing" food. Along with Annikah's movement and growing presence in the fam have come some terrain challenges for Miss Elynor, but all in all, the good still outweighs the bad.

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april fool said...

wow Annikah looks so much more like Ryan now!