Thursday, January 13, 2011

A peek into December

Wow, have I gotten bad about posting on this blog! If you still check in here, thank you for your faithfulness. I wish I could promise to be more consistent in 2011. But, well, life happens... and it seems the reality of my life is it's often about all I can handle (or more than I can...) to LIVE life. So documenting it, is, well, an added bonus. I will continue to TRY to post periodically, but it's mostly for the purposes of keeping some records for my girls to look back at someday... think the scrapbook/journal that I will never do.

So with that out of my system... here's a quick peek into our December. I apparently didn't take many pictures. Good reminder to ask my mom/sister for some shots from Christmas in Greenville (consider that your nudge, ladies... if you still check in here;).

Standing & pushing things all over the place... but no unassisted walking.

Dance party with Aunt Katie.

Proud of her homemade Christmas tree (Mama proud to have created this activity on a cold afternoon).

Brrr... Yes, she's THAT bundled up to play on our back porch. Thankfully she has her Daddy's MN blood. And thankfully we are having a heater installed back there this week - every square inch matters in this house!

After our cold (but fun) community caroling concert at Millennium Park. E's fave song was Mele Kalikimaka - we sang it for the entire week following.

She's now an official American kid (and she LOVES french fries).

One of our Sunday morning dates (translation - get out of the house so Daddy can sleep in).

Our fave Christmas gift (A's fave was the paper).

A glimpse into E's first Christmas program (we were shocked she participated, as she tends to get stage fright).

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Lady Langstaff said...

glad to see i'm not the only one who seems to never find time to blog!! i do, however, have time to check in on yours:) funny how that goes! two other specifics:
1. you typed sister at the top of the blog. which of us got left out?!
2. E looks like she's proudly squatting to poop in front of the tree:) and yes- that was an awesome at-home craft idea!!! i see a langstaff paper tree in grant's Christmas future!