Monday, March 28, 2011

Celebrating Rye's B'day

Wow - have I really not posted since January 14? Looks like I'm failing miserably at that goal to post at least 2x's per month in 2011. Oh well. Life's been full in the last 2.5 months - there was snow that seemed to stay forever, Annikah's first birthday, a trip to Cancun for Rye & Sarah, guests, work, playtime, basketball... and last week, Rye's 32nd b'day! I'll start by sharing some snapshots from this fun (though low-key) day... and maybe I'll work backwards through the other events before summer arrives!

Happy b'day Rye! Here's to another fabulous year together. XO

My annual cheesecake... this year E insisted on getting a candle too. A is obviously not happy to be left out (a common theme around here these days).

E insisted Rye would like this balloon. In fairness, she also selected a sports one and orange & blue stars. Oh, and a princess one too.

The best $5 entertainment... that lasts for days! Really, these balloons WERE for Ryan.