Sunday, July 17, 2011

A little about our little A

Nearly 18 months and not close to 18 blog posts in her honor... Let me help you get to know Miss A in her current glory (warning, this may creep into for-her-record-book detail).

All in all, she's a sweetheart who charms the hearts of most who meet her. I know, that sounds like a biased statement... But really, Miss A's personality is precious. She waves to strangers, and bats her eyelashes at restaurant staff. She cuddles, kisses, and takes directions with smiles (we're bracing for the impending 2yo change).

But don't be fooled, she will be the class clown who never gets caught (or always gets away with it). She's not shy about pushing the limits... But she always does it with a smile. And if discovered silently getting into mischief, she simply bats her eyelashes as if to say, "Who, me?"

She & Beary Bear are
inseparable. We're talking write-a-story-book-about-them proportion. Like, I'll choose not to eat or go play in the sand if it means no Beary Bear (though he's been in sand, water, dirt... And I hate to think about what else). Like, he was once lost and found in a public garbage can on a walk and nap time had to wait for the Dryel load.

She loves to eat (though always
on her terms) - and therefore fits in quite nicely around here!

She doesn't want to be left out of anything. Especially if it involves her older sis getting attention from her mom or dad! That said, she & E are becoming great playmates. They can be found racing their baby strollers or shopping carts around the house, sliding down (or diving off) the outdoor slide, having a tea party, or hiding (and giggling) under the covers in E's bed.

- She also sleeps - a lot! Like, down at 7:30 or 8 and we have to wake her at 9:30 or 10. Really. Then it's back down for a 3ish hour nap. Maybe this is the secret benefit of her still sleeping in the Pack-n-Play in the basement (ahhh, the city life). Maybe also why she's tall. And happy?

- And she still likes to clean & organize. She takes trash to the garbage can without prompting and she closes the gate, doors, and puts things in their place at her own discretion. We hope this pattern remains into her teenage years!

- Finally, she's starting to talk. Some. Though I may be the only one who can understand most of these words (listed in order of appearance/frequency):
Uh oh
Bye bye
Please, shoes, drink = eese
Bear, ball = ba
Night = ite
Kiss = iss
Signs - please, drink, all done, more
...of course we laugh, who needs words when eh, eh, uh, uh, accompanied by pointing and head shaking/nodding get your point across just fine?!

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Anonymous said...

She is so-o beautiful....loved your visit...loved watching her. Aunt Anna

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