Friday, December 21, 2007

Off to the Tundra

I mean, northwestern Minnesota...

That's right, in a matter of minutes we're off to celebrate Christmas with Ryan's family in the land of 10,000 lakes (actually, Rye says there are more, but I don't recall how many, I'm sure he'll let me know in the comments). As most of you know, I'm not a fan of cold weather... so needless to say, Minnesota in the winter is not on my list of recommended travels. I'm praying there are no blizzards during our 12 hour drives. That's right, I did say 12 hours... yes, yes, and we are taking Elynor, so 12 hours will surely turn into 14 or so. Ah, can you feel my excitement? But it will all be worth it... getting to see ALL of Ryan's family, and introducing Elynor to her Aunt Tracy & Uncle Robby, along will her 2 great grandmas. I really just wish we could magically jet ourselves there and possibly celebrate Christmas in July, when Minnesota is one of the most beautiful places.

Since I won't be posting while away (leaving the computer at home) and I've been fairly quiet lately with all our Christmas prep, here are a few post topics I've got brewing in my mind to whet your appetites:

- Elynor celebrated 3 months last week!
- Elynor & her friends decked out for Christmas
- Christmas highlights (with lots of pics, promise)
- Where was Ally in the Christmas card?

Merry Christmas to all!

Love you,
Sarah :)

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