Monday, December 3, 2007

PaPa in Pocahontas

Elynor comes from a long line of Indians. Well, not really. But her Grandma Velma's family hails from a tiny town in southern IL called Pocahontas. Her grandma grew up in this town, her mama lived there until she was 2.5, and her PaPa (Great Grandpa) still calls Pocahontas home. So over the holiday, Elynor not only met her PaPa, but made her first of what is sure to be many visits to Pocahontas (one of which included a stop at the Powhatan Restaurant - I'm not kidding, this town even has a giant teepee)!

For you country music buffs, Gretchen Wilson also claims Pocahontas as her hometown and even dedicated a song called Pocahontas Proud, in which she claims, "I'm the biggest thing to ever come from my hometown!".

PaPa's 5th great grandchild, and the 12th female of 14 total great/grandchildren!

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Westy said...

Some might argue that, although indirectly, Elynor is now the biggest thing to ever come from Pocahontas...
I mean 11-3? Think anyone there's ever topped that?