Friday, February 1, 2008

Day at the Museum

This has been a culture-filled week! On Wednesday Leslie & I packed up Elynor & Trinity (Ed had some boy's time w/ Everett) for a trip to the Museum of Science & Industry (free in January - probably b/c so many of the exhibits were closed for renovation). Elynor took it all in from the comfort of her stroller seat. Does this marvelous museum behavior suggest we have an intellectual on our hands? Good thing we balanced things out with the chick flick on Tuesday.
Mesmerized by the bubbly neon light room.

Our first visit to a "working" dairy farm (she's now ready for the real thing with Grandma/Grandpa Westrom).

A streetcar from Chicago's Archer Ave. - do you remember this GG Jean?

A final stop at the fish tank (all the fish were at the top).

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