Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Whole New World

We spontaneously introduced Elynor to the world of real food this weekend. She's been reaching for our food while sitting with us at dinner for the past several weeks. So on Saturday, Ryan decided it was time to give her a taste. He dramatically marched to the kitchen, poured some rice cereal into an adult table spoon and then ran it under the sink. Hardly the ideal first feeding - my skepticism rose as I sat at the table, waiting.

But my skepticism was soon proved wrong. The lack of proper feeding utensils or mixing technique proved to be no problem for our hungry munchkin. She apparently loved the cereal, reaching for more. We tried it again on Sunday - still no baby utensils, but a full bowl full. And again, it was as if she was eating a hot fudge sundae. Oh, girl... you just wait. You've just entered a whole new world!


Aunt Corinne said...


Granny started Molly on baby cereal within her first week!
While I was sleeping, I suspect that Granny wanted Molly to go to sleep and thus decided that she must be hungry!
Granny proceeded to mix up the cereal and feed it to her via the "plunger"... voila, she was satisfied and fell asleep!
Thus maybe the earliest feeding of baby cereal in history!
Love, Aunt Corinne

Liz Mouse said...

Congrats Elynor - we hope you love all the new foods that are yet to come! But remember, not too much banana all at once (and make sure it's really ripe)...or you're mommy may have to introduce you to prune juice ;)