Friday, March 27, 2009

Celebrating in Greenville

Celebrating birthdays is one area where my family rocks! Growing up, birthdays were always super-special... and to this day, even if it's weeks or months later, I don't think we've missed sharing cake, cards, and fun for a single one. So you can guess what was squeezed into the less-than-24-hours Rye spent at my parent's the weekend before his bday! A yummy ice cream cake - complete with fishing decor (maybe something he'll take up in the next decade?!).

(...even Rye's brother, Robby, joined us!)


AKA said...

Is she smokin' a stogie in her town car?

SheWesty said...

freaky - kinda looks like it, huh? but no, when i zoomed in i think it's a play key chain that's still hanging around from when i was a kiddo. my mom really gets rid of nothing!