Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1-Week Photo Shoot

One week in and we're hangin' in... actually, we're doing well. Annikah is still eating like a champ and is sleeping better than Miss E did at this stage (praying this continues...). Actually, at her 4-day MD visit she was already above her birth weight! Minus a few 2-year-tantrums, Elynor has taken to the role of big sis well. Overall she is very gentle with Annikah and is learning to use a whisper voice instead of yelling in her ears. And thanks to my mom's help, I am also recovering nicely.

We enjoyed a family photo shoot to mark A's 1-week birthday. Thanks to our beloved Heather for capturing such beautiful moments! Here's a sampling - I'll share them all (for those interested) via Picasa someday soon.

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Roxanne said...

beautiful pics!! Hope you were able to eat teh white chilli! Lots of love to you all! Adorable family pics!! Girls rule!