Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Sampling of Events Around These Parts

The drama mama practices her fall from chair (yes, on purpose). When she makes it to Hollywood this picture will be priceless.

As of today, A's on the roll (photo captures yesterday's forward progress... stopping for a knuckle sandwich snack)! Now if only we could slow her spit-up frequency/volume. Let's just say more time on her tummy = more spit-up facials (and laundry).

E's first mani/pedi compliments of Aunt Katie. How she got her to hold still is beyond me.

Another first... though no actual swinging yet. Just trying it on for size.

Even city kids can't resist...

Mama's return to work (this marks the 4th week back...) = (among other things) Miss Heather's back!!!

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