Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy 3 months Annikah Kate!

Wow, how time flies! We marked A's 3 mo. mark this week. Me by returning to work (good, for the most part). A by:

- Laughing! Especially when tickled under the chin.

- Rolling from back to side and even to tummy a few times (yikes).

- Sleeping through the night (praise God!!!). Actually, this happened the week before, as if she knew I was returning to work. We moved her to sleep in the basement to let her cry a little longer at her standard 5am wake time (deep down, I just felt like she was ready, but we didn't feel comfy letting her cry too much at that hour in the room w/ E). And sure enough, after 2 nights of a little crying, she slept through it! She now eats at 8 or 8:30pm and wakes around 7 (sometimes 6:30 or even as late as 8). Our big dilemma now is putting her back in the room w/ E. We hate for E to wake too early and she's in her lightest sleep after 5am. Hmmm... We might try it this week?!

- Sucking on her hands & fingers like crazy!

- Officially moving up to 3-6 mo. clothes (this started a few weeks back, but now it's everything) - which is exciting b/c we have even more cute stuff in this size.

- And a little photo shoot (thx Heather, and welcome back!):

... And more cute

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