Monday, April 26, 2010

MN Adventures

What a fab long weekend we enjoyed visiting rye's fam (siira's & Westrom's) in MN! We celebrated Grandma Westrom's 90th b'day on Sunday (seeing most of the extended fam) and gathered with much of the Siira fam on Sunday. It was A's coming out party. Other than feeds I hardly held her. It was if she was on a cuddle time conveyor belt. These girls are so blessed to have such loving family! Huge thanks to all who welcomed us.

Our air & ground travel - the first as a fam of four - went better than I dreamed (even continuing E's potty training - though my hands are dry from all the public bathroom stops/washes). Infact, I told rye it may have been the easiest trip we'll experience for 10+ years. A's days of uuber-portability are no doubt numbered. But hopefully her easy-going personality will remain.

Here are the only pics I snapped all weekend. Please share photos, all you other family photogs!

Excited about her first plane ride!

Airport adventures...

A little less enthused about her first cab ride.

E, on the other hand, is in toddler heaven (no car seat + window down + McDonald's).

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