Thursday, April 1, 2010

Conversations with Elynor

Please enjoy this first, in what's sure to become a regular segment on this blog, "Conversations With Elynor". Sometimes the things that come out of this little girl's mouth (and mind) are just too funny not to record.
While driving home today Elynor attempted to hand me a diaper she found in the backseat. I laughed and told her mommy's don't wear diapers.

She laughed too, insisting, "Yes they do!".

"Really, I don't think so...", I rebutted, assuming we were now in an all-too-common game of yes/no.

"NO Mama, they DO!", she now insisted with passion.

"Hmmm?!!?", I thought, curiously.

"Yes, Mama, Mommy's wear diapers in hospitals!"

"Okaaayyyy...?!?!", I wondered.

"You know, when Annikah was getting born....", she made her final point.
Ahhh, yes. Her most vivid memory from visiting the hospital after Annikah's birth has yet to leave her memory.

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