Thursday, April 1, 2010

More from Annikah's playtime

I find my moments dedicated to Annikah few & far between (outside of feeding, of course... But amazingly, even then my attention is usually shared with Elynor). That's why I love the 30-45 minutes we share after E goes down for her afternoon nap. Though I'm usually tempted to clean up lunch or do some other tasks (taking advantage of this content baby), I'm trying to stop and savor moments like these.

True to her heritage of strong women, A puts on a gun show.

She must have liked the flying song at E's music class...

Practicing her fist bump.

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Leslie C. said...
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Leslie C. said...

to clarify, is that a fist bump as like in the trendy handshake or a Jersey Shore fist pump?
She can pull off either one. too cute!