Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

We marked our Easter with a fabulous celebration at church, a beautiful OUTDOOR (yes, in Chicago in April!) brunch, visits from Aunt Katie & Grandma V/Grandpa Kev... and a few classic photos.

As an aside, I think we've officially entered into the awkward family photo stage. Mom has crazy growing-out-bangs hair. Elynor has crazy toddler hair and faces. Annikah has awkward baby faces. Rye, is, hmmm... Rye!? (the only photo-dependable one). Capturing everyone at the magic moment is, well, just that - magical. But alas, these are the moments that bring the photo albums to life in, say, 20 years, right?! Enjoy -

Obligatory family outdoor shot. A is obviously thrilled to have joined this party.

Obligatory sisters shot. Again, A is loving this experience.

And after the obligatory shots, E does just what any toddler dressed up in her Easter Sunday best would do - rushes to dig in the dirt. At least she did remove her white tights (to play bare foot). Sorry, please don't have a heart attack Grandma V!

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