Friday, April 9, 2010

Reunited At Last

Dear p (or a) b & j sandwich-

Welcome back, my long lost friend! I've been searching for you since august, but it wasn't until today that I found a g-free sandwich bread that was honorable (light, airy, tasty) enough for you. At $5.99/loaf I don't think we'll be hanging out every day (or week), but I can promise you you're back in my life for good!

Here's to the little things.


april fool said...

where is this at?!!! i need it in my life right now. oh how i long for a pressed warm meat & cheese sandwich

SheWesty said...

whole foods - it's called udi's. it's not frozen and not with all the other bread or the gluten free refridgerator (at least at my store)... but sitting out on one of the big square "tables" in the bakery area where they have cookies, pastries, breads, etc. out. there were a few other udi's things on the table, but it wasn't all gluten free stuff. mmm.... SO yummy. even rye ate a sandwich on it and said it was good!

p.s. i had another antibody test last week and it was negative again!!! whoohoo!! this means the diet i'm following is having its intended effect.