Monday, June 21, 2010

Potty Trained?

The Queen on her Throne (complete with necessary reading material)

Questions related to E's potty training progress are common around these parts. They usually go something like... "How's potty training going?" or, "Is Elynor potty trained?". And my response usually starts with a question: "How do you define potty trained?".

The truth is, I think the answer to these q's are a lot like answering if your baby is sleeping through the night. Mastering these skills is not so much a moment as a journey.

We officially started the potty training journey the week before Easter. Actually, E started it. Sure, we'd been talking about it since the fall. We'd purchased big girl panties, the kiddie toilet, and books on the subject. And she had observed many friends make this developmental leap. But, true to E's style, she'd have nothing of it until she was ready. And one morning in March she woke up and declared she was wearing big girl panties that day! I'll admit, I wasn't so sure about taking this on... but I figured I shouldn't fight her enthusiasm. So we gave it a try. And the rest is history.

Conveniently, she was headed to my parents' house for the week after this declaration, so G'ma V & G'pa Kev most enjoyed the initial thrill (sadly, I really do think they enjoyed it... thank you!). As I think is common, the early weeks were really our responsibility to remind her & insist she go what felt like ALL. THE. TIME. We had a few accidents (below being the WORST... bless her heart, she didn't make it to the toilet and created this mess while trying to take off her pants) in the first month, and still have them periodically, but all in all, it's been MUCH EASIER than I'd expected.

One of those if you don't laugh you'll cry moments! Thank you Aunt Katie for helping us clean this mess.

In the past few weeks she's really improved at recognizing when she needs to go and getting there. I don't constantly think about when she last went and overall, trust her. As evidenced by the first photo, she's found her preferred business position. When she's really gotta go she demands we set her up with a fave magazine and then leave the room/close the door "really hard" because "I need my privacy". If only I could demand (and get) said privacy...

So, back to the original questions. I'd say she's pretty well there during her waking hours. However, she still wears a diaper for naps & bedtime. Who knows when we'll (I'll) be ready to transition these moments. It may be awhile... I don't have much free time/patience for cleaning sheets.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, Annikah is definitely sleeping through the night. This girl's a killer sleeper. She goes down between 8 & 9 (with E) and we usually have to wake her up between 8:30 & 9am. Now, if only E would sleep that late... (she's usually up by 7:30. 8 if we're lucky).

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