Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Sampler

Unfortunately my photos do not do our staycation weekend justice! Although, that's a sign that I really unplugged... even my camera and phone were far from sight. Suffice it to say that we made the most of this at-home weekend with the most glorious weather Chicago has to offer. This included a few BBQs/dinners al fresco on our front sidewalk with friends, one fab BBQ at a friend's, a new blow-up pool providing many happy adventures for E, the construction of a new front patio (almost complete...), lots of fireworks (sanctioned and unsanctioned), E discovering a Snow White costume I'd purchased at a yard sale years ago... and wearing it everywhere we went for the rest of the day, and last, but def not least, Rye & Annikah gifting me a sleep-in for the ages (10am - wahoooo!).

Here are a few glimpses into this lovely staycation -

Taking a break from some serious digging (dontcha love that E's barefoot? and she's as tall as the shovel?).

Who says city kids don't get dirty!? Hard at work before the shoes were removed...

The monkeys playing together.
I think, but cannot say with confidence, that that's chocolate on E's lips and not dirt.

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