Monday, July 23, 2007

Prepping for baby with G'ma & G'pa Cochrane

What a weekend! July 20-22 marked our big prep-for-baby work weekend. And prep & work we did (or should I say Ryan and my mom & dad did... :)! These photos capture the highlights of our condo's transformation. They don't capture mom's cleaning frenzy (which took place while I napped), our big trip to IKEA... or our yummy food breaks with El Farol burritos, Hot Doug's hot dogs, or Hub's gyros. As you can tell, Ally is very excited about all these changes...

Tremendous progress had been made by the end of the weekend... none of which would have been possible without the amazing assistance of G'ma and G'pa Cochrane. They are truly gifted in the area of service and we are so thankful for their support (especially in areas like dry walling and installing outlets... where we have NO CLUE)! This little girl is going to make her home in a beautiful, organized condo. If she doesn't appreciate it, her mommy & daddy sure will.

Stay tuned for pics of the finished projects...

The director - hard at work!

How many paint samples does it take to make a selection?

Grandma Cochrane on laundry duty

Grandma & Grandpa Cochrane centering shelf brackets

The electrician installing a light dimmer

Grandpa Cochrane & Dad preparing a beautiful room

What's happening to my house?

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