Sunday, July 15, 2007

Visit from Aunt Tracy & Uncle Robby

While we love living in Chicago, one down side is being far away from family. With limited vacation days, funds, and us all having great friends and commitments in our respective communities, it's often difficult to figure out visits. Facing this reality, we get really excited to have visitors... and even more excited when the stars align for multiple visitors.

Thursday, July 12 was one such moment! It just so happened that Rye's sister Tracy was passing through on her way from Atlanta to MN and Rye's brother Robby was passing through on his way from MN to a wedding in OH. How cool!

Tracy arrived in time for some relaxing and helping Rye move the awesome baby's room rocker purchased from Craigslist (THANK YOU TRACY... I'M IN NO SHAPE TO HELP WITH MOVING!). We then ventured out for Thai at Sticky Rice (the best!), where Robby and his friend Jim joined us.

We then got a bonus visit from Robby & Jim on Saturday during their trip back to MN from Ohio! This time we enjoyed Chicago-style deep-dish pizza from Chicago's Pizza & Pasta (they'd never had deep dish! - can you tell we love food?) and had a little more time to hang out.

As is often the case, the visits seemed way to short... but we've come to appreciate any time we get together and anticipate the next one... likely after the arrival of this little girl!

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