Monday, March 17, 2008

Still Breastfeeding

So, I'm still breastfeeding. Those who saw or talked to me in the early days/months of Elynor's life know what a feat, and really a praise this is. To say I hated it at first is really an understatement. There were many moments (usually in the middle of the night in our room at the hospital) that I just cried (literally), "WHY!?" to Ryan. But like so many things, we stuck with it, got the hang of it, and now really have no reason to stop (though I still don't LOVE it).

In fact, many people have recently asked just how long I plan to stick with it. This question has really caught me off guard. In all honestly, I was happy to make it to a month, then 3, and now 6?! A plan? My response is usually just, "By one year?" or "I don't know - until I have a good reason to stop (having to wear 2 sports bras when exercising doesn't seem quite good enough) ?!".

Well, last week my MD diagnosed a very annoying side effect of breastfeeding that I suppose could now qualify as a decent reason to stop. For the sake of my mixed-gender readership (and those girls who just don't want that much information), I'll spare you the details. It suffices to say it's medical and annoying and something I wish I'd been warned about. And by taking meds for the remainder of breastfeeding it's treatable.

So, I think we'll continue with our "until we have a better reason to stop" approach. And just see what happens.

1. If you do want the gory details, give me a call or shoot me an email. Especially if you are or plan to breastfeed, might be a good thing to just know about. If I had known, I would have gone to the MD much sooner.
2. This post is not intended to be a breastfeeding soapbox. I realize this topic can sometimes be divisive. While it's worked for us, I realize it doesn't work for everyone, and there's no judgment! I just encourage anyone who really wants to try to stick with it as best you can, while also recognizing it's not worth sacrificing your own sanity or your's/your baby's health.


Roxanne said...

breastfeeding is tough! I agree but it is worth it if you can, I am with you on no judgement, we all do what is best for us and what keeps us sane!
Comparison and guilt is what the enemy uses most of all with Moms to keep us from joy and I will not have it :)!! I do want the details...shoot me an email. I hope everything is ok!!

Sunshine Eyes said...

Sorry to hear about the medical troubles. I also don't know how to answer the "how long" question - I had NO idea that I'd still be nursing at this point, even as infrequently as I am - there was no "plan". But then I had no idea how fond of it my child would be. I'd appreciate hearing details, if you don't mind sharing. We're starting to think that this might be the week, month, season to say goodbye to this stage. By the way, I couldn't agree more on the no judgment thing. For several of my friends, it just wasn't working for them and hey, their kids are doing great on formula! Whatever works for the momma and kiddo is good by me.