Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We're baaacckkkk....


In my haste to wrap up work, pack, and prepare for Elynor to spend a fun weekend with Grandpa Kev and Grandma V, I failed to share that Rye & I were taking a quick trip to Texas. That's right, we spent a few baby- and snow-free days down south last Fri - Mon. The original excuse to jet was our dear friend Katy's wedding. Once we "roped in" our willing babysitters (over their spring break), we decided to add a few days for a San Antonio visit. All in all, it was an awesome time. The Grandparents loved their special time with Elynor and we loved ours without. Okay, to be fair, I was missing her quite a bit by Monday, but it was still awesome to lie in bed as long as I wanted to, not change any diapers, and not schedule our meals around hers.

Elynor and I are now staying with my parents in southern IL through the weekend. A little more spoiling never hurt anyone, right? I forgot the cord to load our photos, so it will be a little while longer before I post any pics.

Hope y'all had an awesome Easter. Praise God for His risen Son!

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Roxanne said...

SO awesome- baby free days are awesome! makes for a better mama when you return :)