Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stop 4

In an effort to leave the smallest footprints possible at our housesitting gigs, my camera hasn't moved much from my suitcase. So my apologies to you faithful blogrollers disappointed in my recent posts!

That being said, I have to give a huge shout-out to our awesome friends & family! We are currently at stop #4 in our journey (taking us to 5 different homes b/c we were in separate locations for 1 week) and we have to daily give thanks for the tremendous blessing of hospitality. Not only have doors been opened, but so too have cabinets, gallons of milk, washing machines, beds, toy boxes and secret spare key locations - to name a few. We are truly blessed and look forward to extending this gift to others once our home is complete.

One of the highlights of taking up residence at other peoples' homes is enjoying things like the beautiful HD TV here at the Mouse house. So I'll wrap up this post with a few pics so I can get back to some HD Cubs action.

Stop 2, The Lee's: An open suitcase lying on the floor invites a little girl to explore.

Stop 3, The Campin's: Thanks for sharing your cool toys, Trinity & Everett!

Stop 3, The Campin's: And your cool toy, Miss Leslie.

Stop 4, The Mouse's: Borrowing Lauren's highchair, I'm still eating like a champ.
Stop 4, The Mouse's: Daddy and Indy the greyhound chillin' after I go to bed.

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Liz Mouse said...

Indy looks pretty comfy - many thanks for looking after him for us!