Sunday, August 31, 2008


While staying with our friends the Campins, we got just a taste of what it must be like to have twins. Their son, Everett, is 2 weeks younger than Elynor. One evening, in an effort to give his mama, Leslie, a break, I took both kiddos out for a jog. How funny it was to receive the glances, encouragement, and comments from strangers who definitely thought they were both mine.

The next night Rye & I took both kiddos for a stroll to Dairy Queen. Again, many assumed we were the parents of twins. But what was possibly the funniest part of our outing was the intersection of Elynor's and Everett's personalities. You see, on the spectrum from laid-back to high-strung, they are probably on opposite ends. Give Everett his paci and he's happy to comfortably take in his world. Give Elynor cheerios, water and a toy and she might very well attempt to escape from the stroller while screaming at the top of her lungs. This is obvious in the below pics from Dairy Queen. Upon sighting her daddy's sundae, Elynor loudly expressed her desire to share while Everett remained content with his water. In fact, after Ryan had given Elynor several tastes of ice cream I suggested those around us surely thought we neglected our son. On the way home, while Elynor screamed and Everett remained chill, we joked that Everett was getting his first taste of high-strung, emotional women.

Later that eve Rye & I had to put both kids to bed. Let me just say how thankful I am that that was a one-night experience and that we were both there to help! The logistics involved with feeding, changing, bathing, and putting down two babies are extreme. This seems obvious, yes... but it was not fully appreciated until the experience was mine. While it was fun to pose as a mama of twins while out running, the glimmer faded back at home. What a new respect I have for all mamas (& daddys) of multiples (including my grandparents, as my mom is an identical twin)!

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