Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Official

Elynor is on the move...

And in other signs she's growing - a few nights ago we were out for dinner (a common occurrence right now) and Ryan claims she has a molar in the back of her mouth. Being the in-the-know mom that I am, I quickly discount this claim, asserting that it's way too early. Surely it's just bread. He says, "you wanna bet?". And of course I do. Sticking my finger in the left side of her mouth quickly shows me I've lost the bet. Sure enough, there's a molar back there - bottom left. Wow! We decided that probably explains some of her fussiness in recent weeks.

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Liz Mouse said...

Congrats Elynor on those first steps, you look like you're becoming a pro very quickly. We're thrilled that you enjoyed Lauren's house!