Sunday, September 14, 2008


"This time last year..." has peppered our conversation throughout the weekend. It still blows our minds that at this time last year we were less than 48 hours into our new world as parents... just getting to know our little (though at the time, on the big side:) Elynor. Each hour of each day seemed filled with newness. Questions, concerns, hopes and delight filled us as we focused on the present and the future.

Now one year later we're still getting to know our little (though growing) Elynor and discovering our ever-expanding role as parents. Questions, concerns, hopes and delight still fill us and each day still seems to hold something new.

It's this dynamism that seems to mark the journey. And our ability (or inability) to embrace it that marks our experience.

This weekend we celebrated the dynamic 365 days that have been - for us and for Elynor. We continue to thank God for her - the little girl she is becoming and her role in growing us. We also thank God for the amazing friends and family who have loved us on this journey.

Here are a few highlights from our intimate, somewhat limited by the 24/7 rainstorm, celebration (a larger party may follow once we're in our new home... or we may just have a blow-out 2nd birthday) and all the pics are on Picasa.

The Pink Birthday Princess arrives with her Knight in Shining Armor (thank you for loaning the first b'day wardrobe, Campins' & Mouse's).

I'll have one of those, and one of those... I am the princess, right?

I guess I'll share with my entourage.

Swingin' on a sugar high!

Sorry to rush but I gotta get home before the clock strikes 12.
Until next year, it's been fun!


Amanda said...

happy birthday, elynor!!! we really miss spending time with you! did you know that you and charlie are car seat twins??

we have to know where that amazing cupcake bakery know that charlie loves her some cupcakes. can't wait to celebrate with you. hope to see you gals soon!!!! love, amanda and charlie :)

Christan said...

How cute she looks - that dress is so amazing for the occassion. Sounds like a fun time despite the rain. Happy Birthday and Happy One Year of Parenthood (I am glad you guys got to share in some of the birthday treats, too, as you deserve it)!

Liz Mouse said...

So lovely! We're glad you got a cupcake Elynor...which part was your favorite, the icing or the cake? And that picture of you toddling away down the street is beautiful!

Liz Mouse said...

Oh and Lauren and I just watched the movie...Lauren can hardly walk that far without falling down now! Well done Elynor.