Friday, September 5, 2008


Elynor & I arrived at my sis, Katie's, place here in Indianapolis on Wednesday eve. Praise God, Elynor slept most of the way here and she continues to be a champ adapting to new sleeping quarters (here she's holed up in Katie's closet) and other new surroundings.

Katie's place is a super-cute one-bedroom in an area of newer Indy development (I'll have some pics later). I would have loved it back when I was a single or newly-married girl. The problem is, it's not exactly primed for a very curious almost-one-year-old. Of course, this is no fault of Katie's. I mean, what would her friends say about all her outlets having baby covers? Or her nice wood furniture having corner cushions to break falls? What this has meant is very diligent watching from Elynor's mama... and the far too frequent refrain, "Stop!" (At 9am this morning I thought I should have counted how many times I'd said stop since Elynor woke).

The good news is that Elynor is getting very good at listening to and honoring my command. And her Aunt Katie is very cool with her things being temporarily displaced (thank you Katie). It's just making my days a little more exhausting... and has meant a few more bumps for the little girl.

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