Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nomads Cross State Line

Last week Elynor made her first visit to the great state of Indiana (well, outside my stomach, anyway). I don't think she became a hoosier, but we did have a great visit/stop on our nomadic journey with my sister Katie (and Karla, Dan & Georgia and Mike & Sarah & Josie) in Indianapolis. Thanks, Kate, for your patience (especially during the 4am wake-ups) and gracious hospitality! Here's a photo summary of our fun times -

This table was awesome for "hiding" under and also bumping my head. Why did you ever give it away, Mom & Dad?!

Aunt Katie took me to my first Indian restaurant. The food was pretty good, but even better were the art and the really friendly waiters.

She also taught me how to make brownies. When finished, she let me feed her some batter.

Then she fed me! I was a big fan.

Then Mom woke up and made me take a bath.

The next day we did some exploring. One of my fave stops was this toy store where I could play with the toys and the older kids.

On our last night we went out to represent the Bears in this Colts-frenzied town. I got to stay up really late and have an early birthday celebration with this mile high ice cream pie (you're welcome, Dad & Aunt Katie)!

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