Saturday, September 20, 2008

Intro to Zoo

Due to constant downpours we missed visiting the zoo on Elynor's birthday... but since we were temporarily living just two blocks away, we made an inaugural visit later in the week. Though we had a great time, in all honesty, I think we could have been at any location with open paths for walking and people to watch and "meet". Elynor paid little attention to any animals... unless you count every other child who she could walk up to. Hey, I guess it's good that she can discern her own species. And since the zoo is free, I'm confident we'll have many future opportunities for her to discover the zoo animals! Here are some highlights from her fave area, the "Farm in the Zoo" (I guess she is truly a Westrom) -

Only food could lure this girl away from the cab of the giant tractor.

The little chick peeks out before returning to a rousing game of hide & seek.

Prepping for future MN visits with a stop in the dairy barn (cows were behind us).

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