Monday, January 4, 2010


More support for the fact that 99% of our communication is nonverbal... even with toddlers:

Evidently I have a "face" and "eyes" that accompany words of direction, discipline, and dissatisfaction. And apparently Elynor doesn't like them. In the past month or so she has demanded or communicated, often while holding up her own hand to signal 'stop!':

"Don't make that face, Mama!"
"Me no like that face, Mama!"
"Why you making those eyes, Mama?" (at least once while I made them at Rye...)

Once, she even asked me to turn around in the car so she could "See my eyes", thereby matching my visual expression to the tone of my voice.

Since she is close to mastering use of my iphone camera, I will no doubt have pictures of said face and eyes in the not-so-distant future. But she'll have to learn how to do a blog/Facebook post before these go public.

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