Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Secret She Cannot Keep

Pssst... Note to Rye: Elynor cannot keep a secret!

We saw a little of this at Christmas when she announced to Heather what was in her gift while handing it to her. I think it went something like, "Open the earrings...". Whoops. At least we have a year to work on this, I noted at the time.

So this morning immediately after Rye leaves for work Elynor starts asking me where the TV is. Puzzled, I kept saying, "Downstairs.", only to have her ask again, each time growing in frustration. After several back and forths she started looking around the house and getting more specific in her questions (smart girl...), saying things like:
"No Mama, the little TV." (We only have one TV and it's old and big and downstairs, I thought.)

"No Mama, the little TV to go on the kitchen table."
(Um, the kitchen table is clean, darling, and who on earth would put a TV there anyway?! I thought.)

"No Mama, the little one Daddy got."

Hmmm?! We've talked about getting a small TV for the main floor of our house for some time... And Elynor & Rye did enjoy a Costco date last night while I was out... But the official decision had never been made. And we don't typically "surprise" each other with stuff like this.

I still wasn't sure if she was serious. But was also a little hesitant to pursue further, so as not to spoil any pending surprises. So I tried what any toddler's Mama would do, changing the subject. To no avail. This approach not only failed, it got her more frustrated that I couldn't find this TV.

Finally, after looking in several spots around the house and with her in near meltdown mode, I decided a call to Rye was necessary. I dialed, said hello, and told him Elynor had a desperate question for him. I handed over the phone and listened to this exchange:
"Daddy, where's the little TV?"

...quiet moment

"Elynor, remember, that's supposed to be a surprise? You're supposed to keep it a secret?"
Wide eyed, she handed the phone back over. I say, "Sorry. I'll act surprised?!".

And Rye faces the new reality, "I guess it's official, she can't keep a secret.".


Liz Mouse said...

My favorite part is her composed response: "I'll act surprised." Fantastic!

Sunshine Eyes said...
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Sunshine Eyes said...

I LOVE this! This is soooo life with a toddler! :)