Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Emergency Evacuation

On our way out the door to pick up my cousin at the airport last Tuesday, Elynor had a major blow out. When I say major, I really mean extreme, monumental, record-setting... covering her ENTIRE back... you get the picture. And here's a picture of how I got her out of her outfit. Since we didn't have time for a full bath, I didn't want to get the, um, shall we say, "evidence" in her hair. So I saw this as the only option. Thank goodness she was wearing her "Baby's First Halloween" shirt, which I doubt she would have worn (other than at home when her other clothes were in the laundry) again.

Sorry Rick & Kara for shredding your gift. I promise it did get it's full wear the week of Halloween. Thank you Ed Campins for giving me this emergency evacuation idea several weeks ago!

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Liz Mouse said...

There's just something about car seats that sends the poop flying.