Sunday, November 4, 2007

My First Illini Game

Saturday marked a key milestone for Elynor - her first Illini basketball game! For those checking your calendars, thinking the Illini didn't play yesterday, you're technically right. We actually took in a practice and an innersquad scrimmage at Whitney Young High School (yes, we're a little obsessed). It was the perfect event for fans with a 7-week-old. Incredibly casual, we stood on the court next to players and coaches preparing for practice (we were too chicken to ask for a pic with Bruce Weber). Then, from the comfort of the high school bleachers (ahhh... the memories) we enjoyed the scrimmage while feeding Elynor and answering questions about her from other fans. Since they started about 30 minutes late, Elynor & I were tired by half time, so since it was free, we didn't waste a dime when we left early! Who knows, maybe we'll be back in those bleachers in the future watching Elynor play (the Whitney Young women's basketball team is consistently among the state's best)!? We'll no doubt take in many more Illini games together!

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Roxanne said...

ILL-INI! we took ANni to a football game last week in Cham-bana! Yeah for Illini babies!