Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Teacher's Pet

Major stops on Elynor's Greenville (my hometown) coming out party included my grade school, where my mom still teaches, and my high school, where my dad is now the principal. Grandma Velma paraded her around the school announcing, "Come see my grand baby!" and kids passing in the halls stared in awe, announcing, "That's a cute baby!". At the high school, we helped Grandpa Kev supervise lunch hour and hung out in his office (hopefully the only way she ever spends time in the principal's office).

When spending time in schools, there are always many quotables. Here are a few highlights:
Seeing my mom walking through the hall holding Elynor, boy runs up and yells, "Mrs. Cochrane, you had a baby!?"

Same boy, now lined up in my mom's classroom, sees our white & pink flowered burp cloth laying on a desk and exclaims, "Ewwww... are those underwear!? Why is there underwear?!" I looked at him, confused. Then my mom explained he has a little sister, who must have underwear in a pattern like our burp cloth.

Stepping into his high school classroom, a boy jumps up from the back row and rushes up to us, exclaiming, "Is THIS the ELEVEN POUND baby!?". (This is much funnier when you picture a pipsqueak, awkward teenage boy. How did he know 11 pounds was a big deal?)

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